Gigan-tank sale!!! $10 off every tank model!!
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Thread: Gigan-tank sale!!! $10 off every tank model!!

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    Default Gigan-tank sale!!! $10 off every tank model!!

    $10 OFF APPLIES TO ALL TANK MODELS EXCEPT FOR THE PRO-V2 and the iKO The reason is that there are only a handful of Pro-V2's remaining and we have no plans of making any more with the V3 Provari coming down the pike. The next Pro-V tank that gets machined in our shop will be a Pro-V3! As soon as we actually see a V3. We can't discount the iKO any further, if we took $10 off, we would almost have to pay you to take them. But everything else is included. We will run this until our shop takes it's annual shutdown in July. That doesn't close the store but once we complete the run of rebuildable inserts, our shop closes and we take July to do annual maintenance to our machines and shop...and yours truly does alot of boating and fishing Of course if the V3 shutdown and no fishing!

    The good news is that we still have plenty of inventory on the untrimmed Pro-V2 variants, the Pro-Ti and Pro-V2X and they are $10 off!

    Here's a complete price list: This is a real sale, not a raise the retail price and take $10 off that! We despise trickery like that.
    19mm Cartomator SS $29.95
    19mm Cartomator 19Ti $39.95
    22mm Cartomator VX $32.95 (Everything from here and below will all fit the upcoming rebuildable inserts)
    22mm Cartomator VXTi $49.95
    22mm Cartomator VM $59.95
    22mm Pro-Ti $74.95
    22mm Pro-V2X $48.95

    In truth, we messed up. Our website person left us a couple of weeks ago and well...we forgot that we actually have to update our inventory quantities or they run out! Go figure! We better find someone quick! Anyway, all the products are now updated and "back in stock".
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