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    Default Channel List

    Please post Links in this thread.
    We'll pull the links, put them into this post, and delete your post.

    ____________________ ___________________ ___________________

    Vapourtrails TV
    Web TV channel | ...... putting u back into vapor ......

    Vapelink Show Index

    Vapers Place VP Live
    Web radio channel
    VP Live

    VP Live VapeTeam

    Vape TV Live
    Shows 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    Monday @8pm EC Basilray w/ The Great Atty Debate @9 COV @10 Ofortuna w/ GeekVaping @11 VaperVW
    Tuesday @8 Flitzanu w/ The FlitzFix @9 KVS @10 Shady w/ Vaping n Tech Talk @11 HotVapes @12 VapeHound w/ The HoundPound
    Wednesday @1pm SirOgre w/ Afternoon VapingInsanity @8 BlacksmithPro @9 XDoctorVapes @10 JV @11 SgtTaz & DangerGirl w/ SgtDangerNation
    Thursday @8 LX @9 ViPhan w/ DIY @10 Ivisi w/ Rock ' n Vape @11 Sl1pg8r w/ The SlipStream @12:30 JG w/ WhoIsJohnGawlt
    Friday @2pm DangerGirl w/ BannedSongs 'n VapeyFun @8 First Fridays w/ GrimmGreen & TheVapeBabe @9 Cozzicon @10 MerGryphon the ModJunkie
    Saturday @3pm SaintVape @8 Second Saturdays WCV Meet Stream w/ Ed TheGreen @9 VaperVW @10 LordShad0w w/ VapeyKnowledgeBase & SithTunes
    Sunday @3pm est SaintVape @8 Skruff SkrufflingWithSkruff @9 SirOgre w/ VapingInsanity @10 MrE @11 VapeTV On 11
    Every night after regularly scheduled shows is a tunes n chat hang out w/ LM or BSP until 4am est.

    RY4 Radio Show
    Friday, 9pm to 11pm BST (GMT +1)
    You can visit the website for the full line-up.

    Quest Vaping
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    The TVA Show: Podcast airing Every Sunday Evening!

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    Hi there, the Go Vape Podcast launched 2 weeks ago, and with many highly regarded guests planned - we're happy to share our show with you.

    Please view episode 1 ft. Pbusardo here -
    Episode 2 ft. Mike Sullivan from Mt Baker Vapor will premiere this Thursday.
    Episodes 3+ have just-as-cool guests and we look forward to sharing more!

    Go Vape or Go Home!

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    Hey Rolygate - please add us to the list. Our episodes are already in production through Fall - we're not going anywhere if that's the concern!

    Episode 2 of The Go Vape Podcast is here! Ft. and interview from Mount Baker Vapor's Michael Sullivan (Creator of the Gwar Fluid line). Towards the end we dig deep into e-juice production and Michael generously shares some MBV secrets.

    Attachment 354509

    ♨ Now premiering Episode 2 ft. Mt Baker Vapor
    ☟ Click the link below to listen to the 2nd episode ☟
    [The Go Vape Podcast] Episode 2 ft. Mt Baker Vapor Interview & Best E-Juice Manufacturing

    We'd love to get a conversation going, so share your take on e-juice manufacturing, steeping, where to make your juice, etc.!

    Go Vape or Go Home!
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