Hey guys,

I am going to get into making reviews/tutorials/tips&tricks for vapers alike. I have really grown a passion for this hobby and may want to 'take it to the next level' (if you will), by getting my name out there, while helping others as well as having a good time.

I am an extreme n00b when it comes to Video Cameras, Cameras, and Photography as a whole. However, I am a bit techy and catch on quick. With that being said I am looking for a decent HD Camera that would be good for POV shooting, as well as just regular ol' photos/cam recording (i.e. family events, son's sports etc). I have been looking into the GoPro Hero3 Silver+ as it seems like an ideal set up for POV shooting. The price is right about where I want to be (this is my first go-round, so don't wanna go too crazy), while getting HD, WiFi, and some cool effects if I decide to ever use them. I am completely open to any and all suggestions, just bare in mind I don't wanna go much higher than the $300ish range.

Any and all input will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!