We now have three rebuildable atomizers on the website. They will be available in the brick and mortar stores in a few days.

Please note, these are for advanced users and come with little to none instructions. We will have some videos available within a week or so that will go over how they can be rebuilt.

The first one is the Vision Eternity which will work as a reservoir drip atomizer or as an eGo-T Type A tank atomizer simply by swapping out the top cap. Well made, easy to rebuild without tools. The kit comes with the base unit and 4 premade atomizer coils/wicks and a couple of silicone tank caps for eGo-T Type A tanks (sold separately).

Second is the 510 drip atomizer from C-Tratech. This atomizer is very interesting because it can produce some very intense flavors. The kit comes with 6 premade atomizer coils/wicks and a screw driver.

Third is the eGo-T Type A tank atomizer from C-Tratech. Same concept as the above but uses eGo-T Type A tanks. This is still an advanced user device since it involves disassembly to replace the coils/wicks.