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Thread: Ladies, what is your best carry case?

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    Between the Ipod and the VK I am running outa room in mine..I need one of those bras that Fisherpal has!
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    Well I need a bra and have been seen removing my battery from there. At home I use a pretty ashtray that I wouldn't put a cigarette in because it was extremely nice crystal, now I can display it and keep the ones I'm currently using in it, plus the one that is constantly on the pt.

    When I'm out and about I bought one of those cheap checkbook holders that has the the loops to hold three pens. Keeps 3 x-tra long batteries with carts attached, plus since I don't use a checkbook I put 3 or 4 x-tra carts in the other side. Can't wait until the carry case arrives for the long batteries I will be set.

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    This is a nice thread to read while sick; it reallly brightened my morning!

    I love that people love my lanyards!

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    Quote Originally Posted by leaford View Post
    This is a nice thread to read while sick; it reallly brightened my morning!
    Aww, Jet-laggy sick or from-the-cold sick? I'd recommend airborne and OJ for the former,
    Oj, echinacea and chicken soup for the latter.
    Glad to hear you are cheered up a bit though and hope you are well on your way to feeling better!

    For the original thread; I am lucky that I can sneak to my car for breaks, so I usually keep a battery and cartos in the console of my car. Used to be in my pockets (since I have cargos...), but after I forgot to remove 85 cents and a battery/carto, washed them, and now have a dead batt, never again.

    And since I have experienced what hot, Florida sun can do to a carto in my black car, I usually don't leave them in there once I am off shift.

    When I am running around the house, or going out, 99% of the time it is in my hands. Occasionally my boyfriend has to remind me to put it down for intimate moments (really, it is glued there).

    I have lost them a few times when my son decides to go streaking, on top of the television, between the cracks of the chair... if anyone can find a solution for that, I would be grateful

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    >> when my son decides to go streaking,
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaryKay View Post
    Those are nice Steve and I would get one for hubby..but I like blingy-girly stuff!

    Don't tell Leaford....shhhhhhh....

    I just bought some leather and I'm going to experiment with the hopes of making a SUPER girly blingy lanyard complete with swarovski crystal and rhinestones...This could end miserably, but I'm gonna try!

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