Deciding on flavors
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Thread: Deciding on flavors

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    Default Deciding on flavors

    I want your opinions on deciding on flavors! What do you look at most in deciding what flavor to buy? If you can't go into a shop and try their flavors, what do you look at most to decide? Is it the company's description, the picture, customers' reviews or a combo? If you had to pick one, what do you think best helps you decide what to buy?

    Thanks in advance for letting me know!

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    In the past it was the discription and the picture. When I got the Juice, if it was as they discribed I would buy from them again.I narrowed it down to V4L. The reviews from others on V4L also were a great help.
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    Description and reviews. On the subject of reviews, I look through reviews fit multiple flavors. If I can't fine any bad ones then I tend to get suspect. I dint like when vendors only post glowing reviews. Sometimes reviews can be hard to get, my advice is giving a small discount for reviews.

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