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    I'm smilin so big i think i hurt my face...but seriously, this guy rocks!!! he shipped my em-901 really fast. only had a few puffs so far, and need to break it in, but since he ships 2 atomizers, im puffin in 2 hands, lol. the blue should be called awesome blue i got 1 of each color cause i didnt know if the blue might be a girly color...i'd call it a midnight blue, it looks very nice.. anyway, i dont want to say too much till i have them broken in, but so far its very responsive, and giving great vapor. first thing i noticed is that the battery dosnt "linger" on after you puff like most e-cigs, which probably helps battery life, and keeps overheating minimized.i will most likely do a full review after i get some real time with it. THANK YOU STEVE-ROCK ON!!!

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    Damn, I knew I should have just bought one the other day...I was so indecisive, and when I'm like that I step back and become conservative. Soon...I'll get one soon.