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Thread: eVic " No Atomizer Found"

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    Default eVic " No Atomizer Found"

    My evic is showing this message on everything I put on it this morning.. tried turning it on/off but no change. Has it died on me?

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    I had a similar problem with my MVP2, using an adapter fixed my problem. The firing pin on my bat was to low to reach my attys. For a couple bucks its worth a shot and you never know when you might need the adapter in the future. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hlk View Post
    Has it died on me?
    So it shows "no atty"... and, it won't fire, right? You don't say what attys... but if they have an adjustable 510 positive pin (like a Kayfun), or a pressed in (to a rubber seal) coil tail retention pin (like most Kanger clearos for example), you can adjust - or carefully pull the retention pin down to see if your issue is a simple gap between atty and mod positive pins.

    For Cool-breeze. Innokin APVs in general have an issue with too deep a 510 pin. I can go into detail with average measured depths and so on, but your 510/510 adapter is, sadly, for now, a common fix. Innokin engineering and CS departments are well aware, and will have a shorter pin depth (if not already) by the first of the year.

    A more permanent (and attractive fix) is to machine or file the 510 collar down about .010" -.015". (the beauty ring too)

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    Just be careful if you decide to file it down that you don't let the shavings get caught between the middle terminal and the outer wall, this will short the battery and could cause a fire or burn up the switch.

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    Take a very small screwdriver like one from a eyeglass repair kit and softly slip it under one side of the evic batt post and then the other side...chances are you only need to move it a very small amount. I have to do this often with my evic the center post seems to be held in place with a O ring only and it pushed down very easy. My problem was/is that my protank connector extends down every so slightly more than my other tanks and causes this... I just no longer use my protank on the evic and keep it on another mod.