I'm having trouble with my VTR, so I wanted to at least poke at it a bit before completely giving up on it.

I removed the 12 external screws, the bottom plate with battery door, the fire button frame, fire button, the silicon pad under the fire button, the top plate with screen cover (after removing one screw holding a ground wire[?] to the top plate), and a tube lining the battery chamber.

Large picture is on Imgure at http://imgur.com/SxmbPQM, but here's a small look:


Has anyone fully disassembled a VTR before? I'm wondering where to go from here. The screen and related PCB in that area seem to be stuck inside pretty well via some means that I haven't yet identified.

The button PCB pulls away immediately, but has five wires without much slack leading off into the rest of the unit, so that's not going anywhere for now either. But theres nothing other than more brass behind the button PCB anyway -- uninteresting.

FYI, the external screws are a mix of T-5 and T-6 heads. For the one screw holding that wire's lead down, a Phillips 00 screwdriver fit well.