VAMO O-Ring Replacement question (Kayfun)
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Thread: VAMO O-Ring Replacement question (Kayfun)

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    Default VAMO O-Ring Replacement question (Kayfun)

    So my Vamo kind of sucks at making connection with a lot of the stuff I have and I was thinking about replacing the o-ring. I noticed that my Kayfun Lite + clone from EHPro comes with an o-ring that looks like it might fit on my Vamo. It's the little black one that comes in the bag of extra o-rings and screws and stuff. Do you think it would work? I don't really feel like buying a huge bag of o-rings if I already have one at home. Has anyone tried this?

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    Haven't tried that, no, and actually want to keep my KF spare parts for my KF

    But a standard size #60 (or 260) O-ring from a hardware store is what most report using for Vamo and others. Dirt cheap at any decent hardware store.

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    I replaced my Vamo O-ring with one from hardware store as described in post above. I found I had enough wire attaching the pin to bring it above the 510 connector. Put an O-ring on hemostats and spread open for easy, easy installment. Pushed it back in and screwed on atty for perfect placement.
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    A #60 o-ring, found in the plumbing section @ Lowes or Home Depot is the perfect size for a Vamo 510 connector.

    A #60 o-ring is just slightly too large for the top chimney seal in a kayfun. That one is kind of hard to find so I would save the kayfun o-ring for when you need it for the kayfun (you will need it eventually).

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    Try Fatdaddyvapes, nirvana for the right parts..

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    Default Where to order O rings

    The O-Ring Store - O-Rings, Seals, and Kits, We make getting O-Rings easy!

    Very cheap for the Vamo's 8-10 cents each

    1.5mm X 3mm Metric Buna-N 70 O-ring

    I've used this size and leave the old mushed one in. The original looks like the rubber insert in the bottom of Kanger Coils when you rebuild one( I used one because I destroyed the original, it actually seats in to prevent the pin from shorting, if you lose it, use heat shrink on the pin)

    1.5mm X 2.5mm Metric Buna-N 70 O-ring

    I think this is the actual size the 3mm worked great the 2.5 may work better.

    At 8 cents each buy both I just re-ordered and did


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