Over the last year plus, we've had a few people with this problem. Thought I'd better do a sticky about it.

If you have posted a few times, and find that now you can't post, you probably DIDN'T JOIN THE VIP SOCIAL GROUP. After a few posts, ECF locks you out of a social group if you don't join the group.

To formally join as a member (if you live in Arizona, even part time!) and be able to continue to post in our forum:

click here http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/for...g-phoenix.html

In the upper right hand corner, click join.

Now come back to our forum (there aren't really any threads in that portion of the board, we only post here in our VIP Social Group Forum.

Feel free to start Threads with new topics and be sure to check out the Sticky messages at the top of the forum for more information about Vaping in Phoenix!

Welcome to VIP.