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    Hi folks. I'm brand spanking new to vaping for the most part so please forgive this noob question. I am going to be buying a lavatube v2.5 kit soon, and I wanted to get the matching anodized drip tip to go with it. Are the drip tips from Volcano just for the atomizer they offer, or will they also fit on the tank that comes with the kit? I was also thinking of putting a glass tank like a kanger protank on there, would the volcano anodized drip tip fit on there as well? Thanks for reading.

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    Aloha Steve,

    Thanks fro the questions. Yes the drip tips we sell will work on both the atomizers and the tube tanks. As for the ProTanks... if it is a ver2 then yes, the v1's didnt have removable drip tips. but teh v2's do and take the standard 510 size drip tip.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. I will gladly do my best to help answer them.
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