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Thread: Vape store robbery in Austin Texas 9-6-13!! The Refined Vaper

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    Default Vape store robbery in Austin Texas 9-6-13!! The Refined Vaper

    I thought this may be the best place to post on ECF with the most exposure.....VP LIVE! Hopefully VP live can help spread the word. Sorry if I should have posted elsewhere.

    Last night 9/6/13, The Refined Vaper store in Austin Texas was burglarized. Smash and grab in the middle of the night. The owners Rob and Mike are long time ECF members and have been great members of the vaping business community since the beginning with their business LiquidXpress. Please spread the word and be on the look-out for any of the mods and attys listed below. Posts have been made on many of the Facebook vaping pages. Any suspicious selling or trading can be reported directly to them at (855) 242-0262.

    The below list only covers the mods and attys that can easily be distinguished. A lot high-end juice, all their wire and wick, as well as protanks were stolen as well.

    (ALL NEW)
    -Nzonics with serial #'s in the 2700's
    -Astros with serial #'s in the 570's
    -Kayfun lites

    -Nimbus clones (These are the only Nimbus clones with brass thumb screws on the posts, nobody else sells these)
    -Empire Mod, camo
    -Empire Mod, hot pink
    -Provari mini's

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    That's terrible. If you want to call into my show tonight and help get the word out feel free to.


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