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The ECF Complaints Officer deals with serious complaints regarding ECF registered suppliers. If you have a genuine dispute with one of our Registered Suppliers, we will try to help. We can only assist if you have had no goods or refund within 21 days of the supplier receiving payment. If this is the case, we will look into the issue for you – please send a copy of your online payment receipt.


This is an ecigarette reviews and forum website. WE DO NOT SELL ANYTHING.
Your issue is with whichever Supplier you contacted and purchased from. Please contact the supplier you purchased from directly to resolve your issue. We will only look at your issue once if it is unresolved after you have started a dialog with the supplier and it is 21 days since your purchase was made.

If we do not respond to your contact, it is simply because we have decided not to get involved at this stage.

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Declaration:  I have contacted the supplier about my issue, but have not had my issue resolved. It is now 21 days since the supplier received my payment.


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