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We do not allow any links out to unregistered review sites or e-cigarette blogs. Please use this form to register your site.

If you would like ECF to allow links to be posted to your ecig-related blog, or an ecig review site (or anything similar that is not a vendor site), then you will need to have the site reviewed and registered (free).

We do this because we need to eliminate scam sites, and sites that do not offer any value to visitors but are simply affiliate marketing websites. We won’t accept those types of sites.

Our basic requirements are simple: provide value or interest; operate responsibly (no ‘quit smoking’ claims etc.); and if you use affiliate links then a disclaimer about this must be easily visible on the front page. Don’t try to hide a web marketing operation under the guise of a review or blog site as we won’t accept it.

Please make sure to include your ECF username and your website URL (address).

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