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06.09.2011. thURsday. Screw It.

Published by Olde One in the blog Olde One's Journey Through the World of E-Cigs.. Views: 450

Argh, screw it. So what if I have strange issues my doctor cannot account for? Vaping is still better than smoking. ..and if the inhalation of glycerin causes little more than dehydration, then I'll just have to force myself to drink even more water.

I am letting my flu dictate this. Compare smoking a cigarette when you have a sore throat to vaping. One leaves you shuddering and ill, and the other leaves you calm with a soothed throat. (Especially if you're vaping menthol.) Certainly that says something about the safety of vaping VG.

I am going to get a LR atomizer for my eGo-T, so that I can dilute out the flavourings in my ejuice. If any of you regularly read my posts and blog, then you will know I've been concerned about the chemicals in concentrated food flavourings that we're all vaping. I figure a LR atomizer will taste stronger, so I can make my juices weaker and still get the same flavour.
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