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Published by VAPOINSANO in the blog Mum'blins+Grum'blins. Views: 381

good friday,happy easter+5mnths today!!!:)
i am amazed+still shocked i have not had a nasty cigarette! a yahoo,yeehaw,wow+w00t!
cannot describe how i feel:laugh:+how my life+
w/others has turned around.
all i can really say is thanks all ecf+members+god bless ecigs!:p

now the bad news,
why in the world is the whole globe hell bent on banning or destroying this wonderful,exciting new alternative to "gag" smoking?:(
i just dont get it!!!
something i and others ponder as we get healthier+hopefully wiser!
always my nickel...:facepalm:

“Infamy, infamy
- they’ve all got it in f’me"
i wont run i wont hide,you can find me
u wont be the 1st and wont b the last
it will only end at my last gasp

who do you trust,whos your friend
not long ago,it twas not a trend
once it was fair,equal+true
now its tha knife thru+thru

i will never give up or surrender
i am only 1 man,this remember
its not gonna be cheap@ my expense
when hell finally comes dont repent

fight strong fight hard
it will be all you got
theres only 1 of you,
this you will see

cos as we all know
they’ve got it in f’me
infamy infamy.........

vape hard vaporz:vapor:
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