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(18) Baditude's Blogs

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This is a Table of Contents for my blogs. Click on the link for the subject of choice.

1. Proper Terminology: Is it a carto, a tank, or what? A Guide to Juice Delivery Devices
  • A picture dictionary for beginners with descriptions of clearomizers, nano's, drip atomizers, bottom feeding mods, cartomizers, cartotanks, and RBA's (rebuildable atomizers). Includes video demos/reviews of all devices. Includes tips on clearomizer tanks to avoid flooding or dry hit issues.

2. Guide to Choosing a Li-ion Battery Charger

  • Guide to help a novice in choosing a charger. Covers recommended brands, suggestions for the number of charging bays you'll need, independent bays, LED or LCD models, and "smart chargers".

3. Are You Using a Rewrap (Rebranded or Aftermarket) Battery?

  • Learn what a rewrap cell is. If you are using rebranded cells, does that mean it is inferior, poor quality, or even dangerous? Which batteries are suspected to be rebranded batteries?

4. Good Starter Setups for a Beginner Vaper
  • Typical starter setups recommended for a new vaper. Includes a video on the use of an eGo variable voltage battery/clearomizer and of the iStick and MVP mods.

5. Baditude's Cartotank Setup Guide
  • How I set up my cartotanks. Includes a video review of a popular and essentual tank tool; commentary on single coil vs dual coil cartomizers, punched vs unpunched cartomizers, and help in determining what resistance coil to purchase.

6. Something Safe for Cinnamon & Citrus Flavors
  • There are some flavors which can destroy plastic tanks. Discover which flavors are known to cause this, watch a video of a tank melting using one of these flavors, and see a picture dictionary of safe products to use if you enjoy using these flavors.

7. Information Resources for Your First RBA
  • An essential read and referrance guide for someone new to rebuilding coils. Includes a multitude of useful links on battery safety, mod safety, coil meters, coil building, and the differences in the three types of RBA's.

8. A Beginner's Guide to Your First Mechanical Mod
  • Covers the differences between a mechanical vs. regulated mod, essential safety accessories, optional safety accessories to add layers of safety to your mech, routine maintanance, use of proper batteries, proper ventilation, low resistance vaping, and faux hybrid mods.

9. Battery Basics for Mods: The Definative Battery Guide for Vaping
  • A popular and essential read to understand which batteries are safe to use in mechanical and regulated mods. Includes a frequently updated list of recommended safe-chemistry, high-drain batteries with their specifications.

10. Advancing Up the Vaping Ladder
  • From cigalike batteries, to eGo's, to mods. Another picture dictionary of terminology and form factors for beginning vapers. Includes videos.

11. Deeper Understanding of Mod Batteries Part 1
  • For those who want to learn the differences between IMR, IMR/hybrid, ICR, and LiPo batteries. What do those numbers and letters on batteries mean? What's an amp rating and why is it more important than the mAh rating when choosing a battery for vaping?

12. Deeper Understanding of Mod Batteries Part 2
  • Protected vs unprotected batteries - what's the difference? Ohm's Law 101. What is an AW battery? What is an inline fuse? What is stacking batteries?

13. Why Provari?
  • What is the Provari and why is it so popular? Includes some little known facts, and videos & links to ECF threads on why the Provari is loved by owners.

14. Ohm's Law Explained for Vapers
  • My attempt at explaining Ohm's Law in simple layman terms and how it relates to vaping.

15. Inexpensive Mechanical Mod and RDA Setup
  • A response to the frequently asked question on how to get into rebuildable atomizers with a mechanical mod safely & inexpensively. Includes a list of commonly used tools and supplies for rebuilding and links to where to find them.

16. Explain it to the Vape Noob: Ohm's Law Calculations for a Mechanical Mod
  • As simple as it is to use, some people have a tough time grasping the concept. Recently revised to be even more simple. Warning: Includes graphic photos of mod explosions.

17. Purple Efest Batteries Not As Advertised
  • A cautionary blog that reveals that the purple Efest batteries may not have the specifications advertised. Also includes an important commentary on "continuous discharge ratings" vs "pulse discharge ratings" of battery specs.
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