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2/25/11 - Good News

Published by starsong in the blog Starsong's Journey. Views: 218

I am happy to report that my friends placed their order today! We were waiting to see if a discount would be offered for this weekend to help with that initial investment, but unfortunately it was only for carts & juice with a sizable minimum purchase. So had to settle for a lesser discount with one of those long standing codes. Still, I am very happy I was able to give them the opportunity to try it out first and that it was a good experience. Wish I had that chance before the cost of trial and error.

I hope he enjoys it enough to stick with it. I haven't checked back with that other guy at work that I referred. Last time I asked he had the kit for a week and still hadn't used it. And he hasn't mentioned it any more to me so I just stopped asking, figuring it just didn't work out for him. I don't want to be pushy about it. Just like quitting, it has to be something you are ready for, whether just as a supplement or a complete replacement for cigarettes. Either way is still an improvement.
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