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3/12/11 - Still Here

Published by starsong in the blog Starsong's Journey. Views: 285

I've been neglecting this blog lately. It's not like I have something so awesomely interesting to talk about every day :)
Last weekend I visited my Mom in Arizona. Again I got to enjoy the joys of vaping during the travels. It is so cool to no longer need to frantically smoke down one last one before going thru security. Cool to go for an hour long drive and be able to puff in the car without it bothering her in the least. I told her right off to let me know if she notices anything and I would stop, but she insisted all was good.

We went to a casino, and I didn't really notice strong cig smoke (but my sniffer is still broken). However I could tell when a lady two seats over lit one up. That actually made me smile, that I could tell. Happily it didn't bother me or make me crave one.

The only hassle right now is the fact I have to be sure to bring enough supplies & equipment when I travel. Analogs are much more convenient in that regard. If you run out, they are easily found. Not so with cartos. And I did have an issue with the PCC not charging the battery, so when the one I was using pooped out, I go to swap it only to find that one wasn't charged either. Grrrrr.

So it isn't perfect and requires more maintenance and forethought. Still, I know it is better than going back.
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