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4Nine Clone from Focalecig

Published by PhatRon in the blog PhatRon's blog. Views: 892

Here is my review for the 4Nine Clone from Focalecig.

It is a 22mm mod that has a hybrid top cap and features stainless steel and brass components. It has a recessed button with cutouts for you to place your finger into when pressing the button and does not have a locking mechanism.


All the pieces to the mod are pictured above:

1. Magnetic spacer which attaches to the negative end of battery
2. 18500 Extension Tube when threaded on #4
3. 18650 Extension Tube when threaded on #2
4. 18350 Tube
5. 510 Hybrid Top Cap
6. Bottom Firing Magnetic Button


Bottom View of the 510 Hybrid Top Cap which shows that there is a Delrin or plastic insert to protect from shorting out your battery when the mod is fired.

Pictured next to the top cap is the bottom of the magnetic button with the laser engraved Tarsius logo which is a small primate that is native to the region of Southeastern Asia.


Here is the mod in 18350 mode which is one of the smallest mods on the market right now boasting a mere 49mm height which is where the mod gets its name from.


Here is the mod in 18490/18500 mode.


Here is the mod in 18650 mode with all of the included tubes attached together.

When my mod arrived I went to do what I do with all my new mechanical mods; clean with isopropyl alcohol with a microfiber cloth. I noticed it had already had a pretty good patina on the brass sections of the hybrid top cap, bottom firing button, and the surrounding brass on the magnetic spacer but I didn't mind it, I think it adds character.

When I was cleaning the threads on the different tube pieces there were some burrs where it seemed like uneven machining and it was most noticeable on the 18650 extension tube's bottom threads that go on the 18500 extension tube. It was a bit crunchy and there was some resistance when I went to screw it onto the other tube. This can be worked out over time if you continue to screw on and off the tube or possibly take some sand paper and carefully try to remove the burrs.

There seems to be a pretty noticeable seam line between the extension tubes which doesn't bother me too much, but aesthetically it is a con for me because a more streamlined modular tube design with minimal seams would be more desirable, but hey for a $13 clone I can't complain.

The bottom firing button is almost impossible to install in the mods tube section when it is in the configuration of anything bigger than 18350 due to the fact that you have to use your finger to guide the button through the tube and seat it in the bottom lip so that the button fits flush in its compartment. I can see this being a con for some because it is a bit of a pain in the rear end if you do not get it lined up perfectly down the tube because it will get caught at an angle.

The hybrid top cap is made of brass and the threads are softer than stainless steel so be careful when you are screwing on your atomizers and the top cap onto the mod because if you cross thread it then you may strip the threads out and render the mod useless.

The magnetic spacer that connects to the negative terminal of your battery seems to have some kind of adjustment because if you spin the black plastic piece it will expose the magnetic contact more in one direction or the other. I guess this is for fine tuning adjustments so that you can adjust the throw that the bottom switch has or for replacing if the magnet goes bad, but I would like to have seen a standard protruding length to ensure that it makes good contact with the bottom switch and fires every time that you push the button.

This brings me to another con that I have with the 4Nine clone. I do like the recessed switch that goes into the mod when firing, but the button seems to be a bit wobbly and does not fire every time that I push the button. I did some investigating and I can only reason that this is due to the magnetic spacer that has that "adjustable" magnet contact in the center of it. If you take out the magnetic spacer by itself, you will notice that there is some play in the threads between the plastic outer housing and the center magnet contact itself (the black portion will wobble up and down).



If there were longer threads that extended further into the black portion I could see this being fixed because it would extend further into the black contact housing and grip onto it and reduce the residual wobbling.

Due to the nature of the 4Nine it is recommended that only advanced users or someone willing to do some research purchases this device. The hybrid top cap can prove to be dangerous if you attach an atomizer that has a flush positive pin in the 510 connection. It is recommended that there be atleast a 1mm protrusion of the positive pin from the surrounding 510 threads and 2mm is ideal. If you do not have a protruding positive pin then the battery will make contact with the negative and positive points on the 510 connection and it will cause a short and damage your battery. It is also recommended that you use only nipple top batteries with this mod for safety.

Overall I would give this mod 2.5 stars out of 5.

-Very small form factor
-Minimal Voltage drop due to direct connection between atomizer and battery.
-Inexpensive price tag so you're not out a lot of money if you want to try a hybrid mod.
-Recessed bottom firing button that will not fire when it stands up straight.

-Wobbly magnetic spacer that causes the mod to not fire all the time.
-Brass 510 threads that may strip if you don't carefully screw on your atomizer.
-Does not work with all atomizers (must have atleast 1mm protruding positive pin in 510)
-Seam lines are highly noticeable between tubes
-No standard length for magnetic contact in the magnetic battery spacer
-Uneven machining on the threads in extension tubes which makes screwing together a little crunchy
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