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6/20/11 - Update on SI

Published by starsong in the blog Starsong's Journey. Views: 304

I received my Volt supplies from Smokeless Image today. I am one very happy camper. As you know I had been a huge fan of Bloog's products (just the products, can't stand the company). I wanted to find another vendor and was told that Volt sold pretty much the identical stuff, so I made a small order of 1 battery, 1 pk RY4 and 1pk 555 cartos, and a small bottle of 555 juice.

I'm here to tell you the carto flavors absolutely rock, they taste and hit exactly as I had hoped. The flavors I've grown to love can now be found at a site I can feel good about supporting.

The jury is still out on the juice, it may need to steep a few days. The blank I filled didn't give me a strong flavor, but that could also be due to the fact it was an old carto had cleaned out. In any case, I'm going to let it sit awhile before trying again. I realllly want to be able to buy juice from them too.
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