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(6) Something Safe for Cinnamon and Citrus Flavors

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You may have recently found out that there are some flavored e-juices that can cause the plastic in clearomizers and tanks to melt. This is quite simply a chemical reaction between a specific kind of plastic (polycarbonate) and specific flavoring agents.


Why Do Some E-Liquids Melt Plastic Tanks?

This does not mean that these flavors are harmful to vape. The process is a similar chemical reaction as what happens when you pour soda on the corrosion on your car's battery terminal to dissolve it. Obviously, soda does not have the same reaction to your body. How to Clean Battery Terminals with Coke


Here is a list of e-juices known to deteriorate polycarbonate tanks:
Let's make a list of juices/flavors that crack tanks, ce2's ...

Tank cracking | Vaping Forum - Planet of the Vapes

ECF friend The Ocelot has also written on this topic, and has some great pictures of the effects on juice delivery devices in her blog: EEEKKK! It's Melting!


So, what can I use that's safe?:confused:

If you are using a cigarette-size battery, a simple solution is a common stainless steel cartomizer.

Tanks made of polypropylene plastic (opaque or frosted appearance) are safe and will not be destroyed.



Pyrex cartotanks was the best choice for people using anything the size of an eGo battery or mod. These use punched cartomizers inside the tanks. The popularity and availability of cartomizers and cartotanks has fallen over the last couple of years.


Pyrex clearomizers such as the Aspire Nautilus (and Nautilus Mini), Kanger Protank and Aerotank and glass Evod are very common today. These use drop-in factory replacement coils. Note that the replacement coils are propietary, meaning that you must use coils of the particular model and brand.


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