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7/20/11 - 6 Month Anniv.!

Published by starsong in the blog Starsong's Journey. Views: 263

This is a big day! Until now it was hit or miss whether I remembered the monthly anniversary for the day I quit smoking and only vaped. But this one I was looking forward to - 6 months smoke-free. I should treat myself to a nice dinner or something :)

I also rejoined 24 Hour Fitness and took 3 sessions with a personal trainer. It will be interesting to see how my stamina compares now to when I was going there about 4 yrs ago (which lasted about 4 months).

I'm still very happy with Smokeless Image and their Volt products. They just recently added more things in addition to juices, like colored carto caps and the big PCC - just like the one I already got from Nhaler.

I visited the Bloog site to see if they had anything new yet too. Only thing is some drip tips, which they call Sanitary Mouthpieces. geez... why not just call them drip tips? They finally added juice too, about 3 months late. Nothing has changed there - the site is still overdone and the copy drips of marketing hype, inaccuracies & lack of useful info. They'll never learn.
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