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A chocolate recipe and why it works. An example on why other flavors enhance the base flavor.

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Understanding the flavors you’re working with and how they interact and enhance 101.

A chocolate recipe and why it works. An example on why other flavors enhance the base flavor.

Chocolate is very hard to get right and it's even harder to find a chocolate flavor that works. With a little work and experimentation you will find that flavors that you think would ordinarily not go good together actually work good to enhance the base flavor.

base 35PG/65VG/12 - 18mg (your choice)
Hangsen Chocolate cream 5%
TFA Hazelnut 2%
Hangsen toffee 1%

Now here's the break down of why this flavor combination works.

The hangsen chocolate cream gives the mix its chocolate base

the hazelnut does not add a hazelnut taste but in fact enhances the chocolate taste.

The toffee does not add a caramel taste but adds a sweeter creamy taste to the chocolate.

The heavy VG base gives a sweeter thickness to the entire mix.

Steep for a week or 3 hours in a UC. Out of this world chocolate vape.

Good luck and happy vaping.

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