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Black Barrel Whisky Mac

Published by Mrscorbin24 in the blog Mrscorbin24's blog. Views: 565

Fans of Castle Long Reserve or Gentleman's Reserve might be interested in my latest recipe. It was not designed as a clone, but it's a remarkably similar flavor profile.

This is a balanced, complex blend of Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey and toasted macaroon. Jameson Black Barrel is generally described, "traditional notes of toasted wood, spice, and vanilla are enhanced by creamy, luscious touches of exotic fruit..." On inhale you get tongue-sweetness of spice as smooth whiskey builds. On exhale, whiskey blends with toasted nuts, then creamy vanilla and toasted nutty coconut. Succulent coconut is the final, lingering note. My recipe:

1% FA Oak Wood
1% FA Coconut
0.5% FA Whiskey
0.5% FA Brandy
0.5% FA Vanilla Bourbon
0.5% FA Vienna Cream
0.5% FA Marzipan
0.5% FA Cardamom
0.5% TFA Brown Sugar

Mix it well and let it rest at least one day before you try it - to let Whiskey smooth out. No need to wait any longer than a day or two.

(NOTE: If you prefer very bold flavor, you can make this double strength, which also provides solid throat hit. I prefer milder, 5.5% total flavoring as written.)

This recipe is all about balance and contrast. The whiskey balances the macaroon; oak wood balances richness; creamy vanilla balances toasted coconut, exotic spice balances brown sugar, and so on. Playing with your voltage provides variations, and it's great over a wide range of vaping power (no flavor here will 'burn' if you crank it up a bit).

If you try it, I hope you'll leave a note here or on my blog to tell what you think of it. I'm certainly enjoying it.
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