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Coming Soon!!! User friendly advancements/upgrades to the Steam Engine coil modelling calculator!

Published by State O' Flux in the blog State's Stuff. Views: 874

That's right folks, Lars is just now putting on the finishing touches to some new features in the coil program. The most useful will be a "Suggested Wattage" cell that will offer a wattage recommendation based on wire gauge and coils in parallel.

What this means is that, for people who don't grasp the concept of wire gauge and coil count in parallel having an effect on heat flux and heat capacity... the program math will sort it out for you, with a range of wattage (or voltage) recommendations.
You still need to understand what HF & HC are (see SE user guide parts one and two)... but these folks will no longer be using too thick or thin a gauge, or too little or many coils... ending up with a far too hot or too cool vape, or one that seemingly takes an eternity to reach operating temperature.

These new features will be beneficial for both unregulated and regulated mod users.

I'll be updating this article and others as the SE changes take effect.

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