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Confused by all the acronyms?

Published by Shawn Hoefer in the blog Shawn Hoefer's blog. Views: 266

When starting out, you buy a mod of some sort, and a tank of some sort. The tank has a coil in it, somewhere, and a place to pour in e-liquid. Beyond that, there's not much to think about. That's good, though. When starting, the focus should be on avoiding cigarettes, not on the names of the parts of the devices.

As you progress, though, you might decide to try something other than the generic tank that cane with the generic kit. As you shop, you're liable to be bombarded with acronyms. Here's a little primer that might help...

Whuzzit: the thingy that attaches to the whoozits.

Oops.. wait... there... humor chip removed.

RBA = coil head specifically made for rebuilding. Examples include the eGo ONE CLR head, and the Kanger Subtank RBA. Technically, RBA could describe all rebuildables. However, it kinda muddies the waters.

RDA = Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer designed to leave the coils and wicking relatively exposed for application of eliquid (dripping). Examples include the Velocity and the Tsunami.

BF RDA (or the newly minted RSA with credit, I think, to Jai Haze) = Bottom Fed Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (Rebuildable Squonking Atomizer) as above with a hollow center pin allowing liquid to be fed from the bottom instead of dripped or painted from the top. Examples include just about every RDA with modifications, or, more dedicated, the ReoMizer or Kanger Subdrip.

RDTA = Rebuidable Dripping Tank Atomizer is an RDA with an integrated tank below the coils. The wick is left in the tank, and liquid is fed when the tank is tolted or through capillary action. Typically wicked with cotton or rayon. Examples include the aptly named Ijoy RDTA and Kanger Dota.

Genisis = Nearly identical in structure to the RDTA, but uses stainless steel mesh or rope as the wick. Examples include the Viscious Ant Kraken and thr Z-Atty Pro.

Subohm tank = Tanks that use subohm coils. Some can be fitted with an RBA. Examples include the Kanger Subtank, the Aspire Atlantis, and the Smok TFV series.

Clearomizers = Tanks using coils above 1 ohm. Examples include the Kanger Protank series, the Aspire Nautilus, and the Aspire K1.

Cartos = Wick and coil filled tubes often used like an RDA, are also made with punches or slots cut in the sides and used with a hollow tank. Can also be used in squonking applications.

GTA = Genisis Tank Atomizer. To be honest, these have much less to do with the aforementioned genisis tanks, and a lot to do with Digiflavor wanting to differentiate their line of mid-coil tanks from regular RTAs and RDTAs. I gave it away... coils on a deck in the middle of a tank. Wicking is achieved with both gravity and capillary action. Examples include the Siren and Fuji from Digiflavor.

Further adding to the confusion are products like the Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit and the Itsuwa Rage Tank which allow conversion between one kind of atomizer to another.

Did I miss anything?
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