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Creamy Fruit Mix blueprint

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Oh man! The archeological dig into my various haphazard notes has led to a forgotten treasure (I hope!). A couple of years ago Wayne Walker posted a recipe on reddit* for a mix he called Preachers & Dreams. This struck me as probably a great basic blueprint for a variety of fruit flavors based on my personal preferences. So naturally I copied it down and promptly forgot about it!


Here it is:

PREACHERS & DREAMS (by Wayne Walker / Enyawreklaw)
  • Peach (TFA) - 2%
  • Banana Cream (TFA or LA) - 2%
  • Coconut Extra (TFA) - 1%
  • Meringue (FA) - 1.5%
  • Milk (TFA) - 1%
  • Bav Cream (TFA) - 2%
  • Sweetner - 0.5%
I'm going try this with FlavourArt Cream Fresh instead of TFA Milk, and am thinking it would work with blueberry, raspberry, lemon, maybe orange ... even cherry, and be very easy to tweak in a variety of ways. At any rate, I didn't want to lose track of it again, so I'm putting it here for easy access, and to share in case anyone's interested.

For the original, he says:

"I like it at 80vg/20pg and I make all my juice at 4mg nic to ensure smoothness with slight kick. Another flavor I'm sellin btw. If you want more Banana you can kick it up to 3% or drop peach down to 1%. But otherwise this is more peach heavy so I wouldn't touch the % on that. If anything you can lower it and add whatever else you'd like. A touch of Koolada gives it a smoothie taste. Great shake and vape but I would steep at least a couple days."

* The reddit link goes to a post he made about working on a cereal recipe, but this mix is not a cereal flavor, it's a different recipe he tossed in later
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