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Day 30: Feeling Great

Published by Ivisi in the blog Ivisi's blog. Views: 380

Ok, so it's been 30 days today since I quit smoking analogs, and I have been using my PV's exclusively now. So, what's happened to me in these last 30 days?

For one, I don't have difficulty breathing anymore. Well, I'm 37, so I still get winded trying to catch my 2 year old after a few hours, but that's to be expected. But at least now I can give it a good college try without feeling like I have to sit down and rest after a minute of horseplay with my kids. I've noticed I don't get winded at all during activities that would have my begging to stop just a couple of months ago. Walking the mall, climbing a couple of flights of steps, carrying a heavy object, all used to give me trouble catching my breath after just a short period. But now, I seem to be fine.

Second, I no longer stink. It amazes me when I smell cigarette smoke on my co-workers. I never noticed it before, primarily because I believe it was my own cologne for close to 20 years. I sincerely apologize to anyone I've ever met in the last 20 years who had to smell that on me, and now I know why that girl broke up with me when I started smoking. She's forgiven now.

Third on the list is my taste buds. They're back. I went to a nice Turkish restaurant last Tuesday, and the lamb kebabs were absolutely fantastic. Don't think I would have enjoyed it as much if i were still smoking.

The last thing I'll touch on is the fact that I've gained quite a bit of time back. I'm no longer beholden to the clock, and when I can get out and grab another smoke. I'm allowed to use my PV at my desk, so I'm more available than I've ever been to my co-workers or any tasks that I've been assigned. When at home, I find that I'm rarely reaching for the PV when I'm spending time with my kids, whereas I'd be making excuses to head for the porch when I was smoking. I'm sleeping much better, so I find myself with much more energy during the day, so I find myself accomplishing more overall compared to when I was smoking.

In essence, after 30 days, I finally feel like I have some control over my life. And that feels great.

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