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EJuice favourites so far

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I worry that with impending regulations, the juice market may look markedly different in the next couple of years - and given flavoured juices you get from vendors tend to stay good for a year at 70 degrees away from direct sunlight - I tend to stock up a few months ahead and make large orders when the sales run .. labor day, memorial day, thanksgiving etc. I always have a years worth on hand.

I do have some frozen base nicotine and wouldn't mind DIYing at some point, just still really enjoying buying from these vendors for now...

My favourite vendors:

Current regular day in, day out vendors and flavours...
  • Alice In Vapeland - Great small selection of flavours and the packaging of their deliveries cannot be beat. You get hand done art in your box specifically for you, it's a fantastic personal touch! For flavours... Twas Brillig is a delicious blackberry cake, Zombie Apocalypse is a fantastic strawberry cupcake flavour that to me is exactly like a really nice strawberry milkshake. NOTE - AiV juice does not like to sit for more than a month or 2, so you may want to get an order every month so it is fresh. I had some and it did get decidely untasty after 2 months in a cool and dry shelf. Still they have fantastic service and flavors, just keep that in mind!
  • The Plume room - Great quality and juice is well packaged for delivery. My favorite tobacco flavours by far and away, like Candied Cavendish or Burley Candy. Their summer peach is also very nice, not overbearingly sweet. I have some blueberries and cream and cheery soda that I am going to be cracking open soon.
  • Space Jam - sold by I The Top eJuices plus Free Shipping - have a really nice apple/pear type flavor.. Astro. Could see this being an all day vape for folks, nice clean fruit flavour sweet but not obnoxious. I am curious about a couple of their others which I have waiting to try. Space Jam also did well in the dactyl free department.
  • The artist collection by njoy - wonderful complex flavours that are just stupidly delicious. Sacre couer may be my all time fave juice. Hedons bite is also wonderful.
  • Vaponaute - with the euro almost on par with the dollar its easy to order. Time will tell if that is true after new regs come in may 2016. I love their around the world collection, have made it theough the into the wild and on the storm so far. From the vape24 series, perfect day and crescent moon are delightful. From the creator of sacre couer, complex unique flavours.
I still like these a lot, and vape them fairly frequently...
  • Charlie Noble - sold by I The Top eJuices plus Free Shipping - Raspberry ripple ice cream and commodore pearrey are fantastic dessert flavours, rich and creamy.
  • Heathers heavenly vapes - Shadow is a nice vanilla tobacco, Simple Pear is exactly that - clean pear flavour, just like the fruit not a 'candy' version.
  • Trippy Drips - sold by I The Top eJuices plus Free Shipping -Ruby Red is a great natural tasting strawberry, again like the fruit, not a candy version.
  • Ripe Vapes - Not a bargain vendor but their range is delicious. Available from VCT is a smooth vanilla custard tobacco, Monkey Snack a nice peanut butter banana.
Fantastic vendors, I just tend to not order so much these days as AiV and The Plume have become my go-tos. These 2 are still great companies with a lot of nice flavours:
  • ITC Vapes - great flavour for bargain prices. And they do employ lab testing on their range. Apple buns is a nice apple cake flavour.
  • Ahlusion LLC - Home - Great Michigan company. Shipwreck is a very nice tobacco, sweet and at least to me somewhat nutty. Autumn Mist is a nice apple/pear blend.. sweet but not obnoxious.
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