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Evod/Protank stock coil fix [dry hit, gurgling/leaking fix]

Published by WarHawk-AVG in the blog WarHawk-AVG's blog. Views: 1779

Crappy stock coils...there is a very quick fix for both dry hits and gurgling/leaking kanger bottom coils (works for EVOD and protanks)

1. Remove the rubber cap and chimney (wiggle it loose)
2. Remove crappy silica flavor wicks (leave the wick INSIDE the coil alone)
3. Get a piece of cotton from either a bag of clean cotton (you can boil it to clean it) and/or a q-tip
4. Roll cotton into a very thin string and lay it across the coils
5. Put back on chimney and rubber cap trapping the cotton flavor wick under the chimney
6. Nip off the extra cotton wick with nail clippers
7. Re-assemble, wait a few seconds for the juice to soak into the new wick
8. Vape Yo Face Off!!!

Note: Make sure you have clean hands, the oil in your fingers can cause the cotton to taste funny on the first few drags

Stock wicks suck...for some reason either they don't wick good enough or wick too much, not enough causes dry burnt hits, too much causes leaking/gurgling, putting the cotton flavor wick in there gives just the right amount of flow and prevents leaking because cotton is better at the capillary action.

I was standoffish at first too...after I tried this with all my bottom coil kanger type clearos the vape and flavor increased like you wouldn't believe..the easiest method for the "beginners" to tweak, more advanced users put cotton INSIDE the coils but that is for later on...get your stock coils running right...then worry about more advanced techniques

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