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Goblin Mini V3 leak fix: tank replacement or O-rings

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Okay, so I really love(d) the Goblin Mini v1 for flavor ... but really, really hated the tiny little fill hole with screw at the bottom. Also the v1 gets condensation on the bottom of the tank, but really it was the fill method that rustled my jimmies, as the kids say.

That's why I ordered the v3 later, but like many people I had mucho trouble with the v3 leaking after (top) filling. Costas.N.A. at the Fasttech forums advised two different fixes for this problem: a very slightly shorter replacement tank, or an O-ring installed at the base of the chimney threading. I ordered both of them, but so far have only used the tank fix method -- and it's working just great for me. Here's the replacement tank:

Authentic Clrane Replacement Glass Tank for Smoktech SMOK TFV8 Baby Clearomizer

and here are the O-rings:

Rubber O-Ring Seals for E-Cigarette (50-Pack)

Here are Fasttech forum member laxal's photos of how to install the O-ring:

forum thread comment, with o-ring how-to photos

Again, I've only changed the glass, which is working well for me. There is some other info that will help to fill the tank while avoiding the leaking problem. 1) Close the juice flow control. Do this by turning the bottom ring above the air flow control all the way to the right. There's a little graphic next to the airflow control that shows juice flow control open more (left) and less (right). Originally I thought this was supposed to be an indicator for the air flow control, but it isn't: it's a guide for the juice flow control. 2) remove the drip tip. UD is very insistent about this! :)

So yes, remove the drip tip, then 3) remove the top section, and fill. Then 4) screw the top section back on, brisk like (don't let the topless tank sit around, taking in the scenery and lollygagging about making a spectacle of itself! UD is not keen on this, and warns you to go ahead and put the top back on licketysplit after filling! THEN 5) put the driptip back on. All simple stuff, but this tank does like to leak on refill, so you need to follow the plan, or suffer the consequences, apparently.

I usually take a couple of drags at this point before turning juice flow control back on (turn to the left).

Here are some images from UD, showing the bits involved (I don't have the little teardrop symbol on mine, but everything else is the same):


and wicking advice:


Anyway, I'm quite pleased with my little Goblin cutie now with the glass fix: similar in shape, form, and flavor performance to the doggystyle, but sturdier, with glass tank, top fill, and less troublesome air flow control ... and I find it quite easy to build using the side velocity deck.
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