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Juice Age, or How a Spending Spree Turned Into a Several Month Tasting Extravaganza

Published by Tarja in the blog Tarja's blog. Views: 365

Back in early 2014, I had just really come around to mods from the cigalikes and pen versions. I wanted to experience more mods, more tank types...and definitely more juices that just did NOT function in those blasted pens.

I think that every week for a 2-3 month period I was buying quantities...vast quantities...of juice.

Just how in hades was I going to get through all of these? It took a few months to ask myself this. Other than a few that were definitely ADVs, there were dozens of juices I hadn't even touched yet. There still are.

What I've found is that my juice 'hoarding' has turned into a wonderful aging experiment for myself. I'm just now opening juices from May (sometimes earlier), and finding the flavour profiles to be amazing. 99% of my juices are Nicoticket, but I have a bunch as well that were in the same boat (Triphammer - oh how I LOVE Pink Custard;Alice in Vapeland; Vapor Chef). There is nothing that I'm opening now that is older than May!

So, I've come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as having 'too much' liquid, although at this point...I'm beginning to seriously consider making my own. Once, that is, I put a dent in my extensive collection of well-aged juices:)
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