Munnin Apr 15, 2014
I work at a B&M and let's just say this, from my experience a lot of B&M personnel are poorly educated or stocked on the product they sell. Also, the customers coming in are no better either for accusing the staff of selling garbage when they themselves are over torquing tanks and bases cracking parts and breaking others, dropping glass tanks onto concrete and claiming they just barely touched it. Then complain their tanks are leaking because they didn't screw the atty head down all the way or others. It sucks to get bad heads out of box(why I only use rebuidables) but it seems to be an industry standard that some atty are DOA out of box. Its not the stores fault, but the manufacturers and the need for better quality control on the items coming off the assembly line. I have worked plenty of factories, and the stuff coming off the lines half the time in China is enough to get you fired and never land a job again in the US if your are passing off duds. Q&C is highly needed.

However, the shop should not sell tanks that they clearly don't stock the heads. Some tanks however are lucky enough and they are interchangeable, and shops stock these primarely to keep stock levels lower and not having to carry tons of different heads. This can start to get cumbersome after a while when you carry 20+ tanks from different manufactures and all have their own coil head.

Customer service is a fine art. I have been doing it for years. Not only at a vape shop. But as a sales floor manager at a local Sears. Trust me, I know that for every legit customer concern are issue that was caused either by the company, he manufactures, or associates, there are at least a comparable number of liars trying to see how much they can get back unjustly. Not saying that is your case as it seems to be the former, but if American consumers can con someone to get free stuff, they will and try relentlessly. We love in a society that if I can get it for free I will try, regardless of whose job(who is an honest employee) may end out the door.

Your local guys seem like idiots though.