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Life is a beautiful thing

Published by leannebug in the blog leannebug's blog. Views: 425

I am constantly amazed by people. Not only the ‘icky’ ones that are narrow minded or rude (or whatever!) but by the generosity, kindness, and real true caring that comes from the heart. This forum has it in spades. Every time I turn around, someone is offering to give something. Be it; a spare atty, a mod, or even information… and they do it all without asking, without expecting something in return.

It takes time to do these things: time to find and connect a link, time to wrap and package a gift, even time just to answer a question for a noob. Yet everywhere you go on this forum, you can witness the best part of being human- the love and compassion we give toward each other. Our lives have become so full, that we hardly have time to breath, yet we are giving that precious time up for the good of something else. What makes this even more amazing is the fact that it IS on a forum.

The internet is a huge and vast place, our user names can make us completely anonymous. We can disappear tomorrow, and no one would find us. Our family isn’t here to judge whether we are doing right or wrong. There is no neighbor peering over our shoulder, just another anonymous user in some country far away. Yet we give, help, comfort, and rejoice as a family would (Sometimes better than our own families).

Why, I wonder? I have been on many forums throughout the years. People laugh, they have fun, but something is different. It’s a TRUE concern- almost a need to see others succeed, in our never-ending battle with the tobacco demon. Some how, some way, we understand each other so well, that we act as if we are helping ourselves; when in all truth, it’s a total stranger.

Nature is an amazing thing. The instincts we carry are strong indeed. I was reminded of this while watching my cat protect her young. This tiny little mom had the male cats cowering in the corner. Nobody told her she needed to do this. She didn’t read any child rearing books. She just knew… and just acted.

I believe this may be why we have become so concerned with our fellow vapers. Why we assist, take time from our busy lives, and do whatever we can to help each other. It’s an instinct to survive, to protect the human race, and it’s evident every where you look.
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