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Mini Protank Problems

Published by simplynewt in the blog Simply Newt's Notes. Views: 2925

Well here recently I have been dealing with major Tank Issues. I would be at work and would vape all the juice out of the tank I have on my eGo in my lunchbox around lunchtime. I would then go out to my truck and get a back up tank and screw it on and before I knew it, it would be girgling and I would be tasting the juice in a way that I would rather not taste. I recently went through 3 tanks that I had in the truck and lost the juice in all of them. Fortunately I didnot mess with one and I was able to vape that on my way home where my trusty Vamo was waiting.

While vaping that, I started working on the Mini's. I went through a whole pack of coils trying to fix the leaking issue. I tried breaking them down and washing them with warm water and drying them off. I did that 3 or 4 times with all 3. No luck. I lost almost a whole bottle of juice trying to fix the issues I was having with these mini tanks.

Finally got one to work, the original one I had in my lunchbox and one was halfway working. The other one I threw back in the box and wrote it off as defective. On my way home today I stopped in my trusted local BM and started asking questions. Appairently when I was washing the tanks, I lost the upper and lower oring that goes between the glass and the metal. I also found out that I should not leave the tanks in the truck if the temperature is going to exceed 80 degrees. It has been getting around 95 during the heat of the day here.

So what turned out to be a total greenhorn mistake x2 allmost cost me my time being smoke free and a lot of frustration and anxiety. So now I am hunting for orings and an air conditioner I can run while I am at work to keep my tanks cool while they are resting in my truck waiting for me to devour their foggy goodness.
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