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Modest & Simple Vaping

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Modest & Simple Vaping

Suffice it to say I got started vaping using cig-a-likes, Enojy & Blu
types. The Enjoy may have been a bit more affordable. Still both
products seemed to bind me as a consumer to their product line.

And that product line did not suit me well enough. The battery life was
meant for someone who smoked lightly at best. I had been smoking near
thirty years and was essentially up to smoking a PAD ( pack a day ).
That is if my wife did not chide me.

My wife soon looked into second and third generation vaping gear. She
found me a couple eGo twist variable voltage batteries and a few RGM2
tanks. These seemed to work a lot better than the cig-a-likes. The
batteries were 1100mAh which meant I could vape near all day.

I have tried a rebuild tank in the RSST. I enjoy it but at the same time
can easily see how it could be a hassle. I've noticed in vaping about
two years now, SmokTech keeps improving on a very simple concept. It
seems they have used the RGM2 tanks as a springboard.

I've vaped the ARO tanks and liked them fine. I am now using the T-Dux
3.0 tanks, like them fine. Both tanks are very similar in design to the
RGM2 tanks. They are what is called Evod style tanks. I tried the T-Dux
4.0 and am finding a lack of air flow control an issue.

The Evod type of tanks by SmokTech 'just work'. I do not worry about
leaks unless I've used a particular tank for over six months or so. By
that time, the juices I use have started degrading the epoxy used inside
to hold the Pyrex tanks in place. Not sure how SmokTech could improve
upon that issue, unless they supplied o-rings and made the tanks
accessible for o-ring replacement.

Of course, SmokTech could tell you to go buy a ProTank if that was what
you desired. That is a fair point too, yet I do not desire a Protank. I
would rather stay with their wonderful evod style tanks. I have not
tried their Micro core tanks yet, do expect them to 'just work' as well.
I like these kind of tanks for that 'just works' usability. There will
be other new vapers who do as well.

This post is not a proposal or anything akin to that. It is just me, a
vaper saying I like a style of tank. I see this style of tank working
and 'doing what it says on the tin'. For the price these tanks fetch at
retailers, it's clear to see why retailers push vapers to buy other

If it is affordable, durable, works is there need for vapers to
buy other gear? That's a rhetorical question, each vaper has to answer
for themselves. To me it seems kind of silly to pay $20+ for super duper
high end tanks, when a good modest one does most of the same thing the
high end ones do.

And I'm sure SmokTech as a company does monitor customer views. They
also implement product based on those views. I have seen as much in
seeing the Micro Coil tanks being brought out. I had suggested the ARO
get upgraded with air flow control. The Micro coil tanks have air flow

Now, I know my simple and humble suggestion was not the
deciding factor in the micro coil tank design. But it does suggest that
at least my view was noted somewhere within SmokTech the company, or
that it was already planned. Either way, it reveals innovation from
SmokTech, while also revealing they are in no hurry to fix what works.

I very much like this as a consumer. It is simple and modest.
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