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Moving at a snail's pace

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I’m on the road with my kids, off to see my brother get married: we are driving, a 2 day trip. I decided before I left (gave myself a little pep talk) that I wanted to relax, take our time, enjoy my children, my family, the day. So I made sure to remind myself that no one is perfect, to keep my hormones in check, to remember to take one day at a time, each moment as it’s own.

My son is driving. I wouldn’t be able to drive this distance anymore. He asked if I would print some maps. I obliged, it was an easy task. I printed out the written directions, another with pictures for me, and some places where we could spend the night- without spending a small fortune. Stapled each packet together (I like to be organized) and I set the maps on the kitchen table with the other “to pack” items.

I still had a lot of things to do last night. Many items to pack, organize, find, wash, etc etc. Packing for 3 for a 2 day drive (each way) for a 3 day wedding get-together, requires a large variety of items! Car toys, electronics, my ECIGS (of course), batteries, clothes (from bathing suits to dresses), books, food, blah de blah blah. I wrapped my brother’s gift, made the card (ever the crafty one) and assembled the goodies. As I stood in the art room, I saw a large paperclip sitting on one of my shelves. It belonged to my daughter and somehow ended up mixed into my things. I grabbed it to clip the map ‘packets’ together.

“What does this all have to do with snails?”, you ask. Well the paperclip is a giant cartoonish, brightly colored, rubberized snail. It’s quite cute, but that isn’t what struck me. The “Snails” floating around our lovely community, are a group of people that hang out on one of the threads. They have formed a nice friendship, a bond, if you will, of sorts. Purely speculation, but I believe they have discovered a common interest; they like to take life one day at a time, as it comes, they stop and enjoy their surroundings. I’m sure you’ve seen the Snails around. They have all adopted a snail in their signature lines.

Do you see the forest?

We were driving along this morning, my son was upset, I wasn’t reading the map information he wanted, we had gotten off on a late start, and things were hectic already. I wasn’t feeling good, my head was pounding, my back was already sore; so I was cranky too. We were bickering at each other and the day had barely begun.

I happened to look down at the maps again, when my son, in exasperation, tried to explain WHY he wanted the directions told to him, in his way. It clicked. I looked at the snail. My thoughts stopped. My mind and ears opened. I listened. I understood and was able to do what he needed, and he calmed, I calmed, life slowed down.

I looked at the snail and smiled. And I remembered that I had told myself the day before; how I wanted to relax, and enjoy my trip. I think the snail, perched so innocently on top of my pile of maps, was a sign- a sign to slow down, and I did. I don’t want to miss a single wonderful moment with my children, so I’m taking a snail’s pace on my trip. We may be driving in the fast lane (hey, he’s 19) but it’s the inside of the car, and the inside of our hearts that matters most. I smile again. “I’m almost back in the fast lane… back in the fast lane” he sings, and I have to grin at the irony as I type about snails and riding life in the slow lane. Because even though we are driving through Atlanta traffic, during rush hour, and my kid is maneuvering across 4 lanes to get to the fast lane, I sit calmly beside him smiling.
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