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My E-cigarette Statement

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May 13, 2014

E-cigarette Testimonial

My name is Douglas Bennett. I was a pack and a half smoker for over thirty years. I had quit smoking a couple of times over the years with limited success. I knew smoking was not healthy for my body but I enjoyed smoking. I enjoyed the hand to mouth repetition and the feeling of the smoke hitting the back of my throat.

I did not like the cough that became part of my life due to smoking. Rising from bed in the morning and throughout the day I was plagued by a smoker’s cough. My lungs felt tight and I was easily winded. I was wheezing even if I was sedentary. I was prone to bronchitis at least once a year.

After trying my first e-cigarette, I was able to determine that I could stop smoking and vape without giving up the the characteristics I had come to enjoy with smoking. From that point forward, I have never smoked a cigarette.

Some of the benefits I have experienced from vaping include clear lungs and better health.

My lungs have cleared to the point where I am able to exercise on a regular basis without lung fatigue. I no longer have a smoker’s cough or wheezing. Since I quit smoking I have not had bronchitis and feel that my health is excellent.

The ability to adjust the nicotine level in my e-liquid is a terrific option. I started with 18mg nicotine solution and in a little over a year I had dropped to a 6mg solution. I foresee a day where I will not require nicotine in my e-liquid. In addition, the different e-liquid flavors available keeps the vaping experience fresh, ie: one day I could have a green apple flavor and the next day a peach flavor. The range of flavors is there for people to find their favorite flavor(s) to suit their personal preferences.

It has been over a year and a half since I smoked cigarettes and started vaping. I will not be returning to cigarettes ever again thanks to e-cigarettes. They have been a life saver for me.

I believe vaping is an excellent vehicle for people who smoke and have a difficult time stopping. Getting people off of cigarettes is going to save lives. Guaranteed! I applaud the testing being conducted on e-cigarettes. This is a new avenue for the world. Let’s research and test the products for e-cigarettes so the results can be conclusive. Vaping will be found to be far less of health concern than cigarettes.

There is an excellent forum available on the Internet that can be found at Within this forum one can find over two hundred thousand members whose lives have been positively changed by switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. In addition, the forum has educational material on e-cigarettes as well as links to studies that have taken place on vaping. I encourage you to do the research so you may be educated on this topic.
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