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New Vapor Starter Kits Part 2 (Mechanical and Regulated Mods)

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Part 2 of the New Vapor Starter Kits

Now moving on to the next phase :D Mechanical and Regulated Mods

for those that want to study up...not me mind you but....ohm's law

ohm vaping chart

Basics to look for in a regulated mod
  • 510 and ego threading
  • variable voltage goes from at least 3v to 6v by .01v
  • watts goes from 3w to 15w by .5w
  • has a fairly easy to read/operate screen
  • tell the battery life left
  • take 18350 battery (mini size)
  • take 18650 battery (large size)
  • maybe keep track of puffs
  • check the ohm of the atty
  • battery protection (Reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection)
  • can it take a beating and keep on ticking

beyond that everything else is bonus or aesthetic

This I am still not very familiar with, however I can point to some good devices and again shopping fasttech getting the best prices:

itaste has a vv/vw mod
iTaste SVD $38

or there's the Vamo V5 $33

OR you can make any mech mod into a vamo v5 ;) possibly any 510 connection lmfao
Vamo 5S Variable Volt/Watt Control Head for Mechanical Mods $27

This is the charger I use
HUANGAO HG-1210W Dual Channels Li-ion / Li-FePO4 Batteries Charger $8 ;) charges 2 batteries, built in wall charger, comes with usb adaptor and car charger

Depending on your taste there are lot of designs on Fasttech for stainless steel mods

Now tanks....we have already discussed however I'd like to add a new one to the list
5ml HyperTank Clone $11 bottom coil tank

So if you go with either the Itaste or Vamo + Charger + 2 Tanks = high side $72, low side $55 and then find you some good batteries else where for cheap

OR mix and match grab a mechanical mod + the Vamo V5 adapter + charger + 2 tanks = high end = $86 low end = $60 then again find you some good batteries else where for cheap and you now have a mechanical mod + option of using vamo v5 head to have a regulated mod, charger (with usb and car adapt) and two tanks

DO NOT ORDER BATTERIES FROM FASTTECH...HK customs will send any orders back to FT with batteries in them, you will need to order your 18650 batteries elsewhere.
Word to the wise: FIRE BAD, Never buy any charger or batteries that have the name fire in them
I'd say 80% of the people I've seen have had bad experiences with anything from trustfire, ultrafire, ect __fire

I still don't recommend buying batteries, however if you do, fasttech now suggests to use Malaysia post to ship batteries with
These are a decent battery that I have currently ordered and am waiting on
Authentic Samsung ICR18650-26F 18650 3.7V 2600mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (2-Pack) with carrying case

So here's a little list of different styles of Regulated mods on fasttech to help narrow down what you like or don't like
$32.42 Vamo v5
47.20 Sigelei Tmax V5 Box Mod
$37.21 Innokin iTaste SVD
$32.55 Tesla
71.00 Innokin VTR Kit
$107.26 Innokin iTaste 134 Kit
$27.63 K200+
then of course my baby the TECs :) $34.44 TECS MSK-2000

So all that's a nice black vamo v5 "kit" for under $75 :)
Vamo v5 black chrome $29
Charger $8
6 ml Anodized Glass Carto Tank $11
5ml HyperTank glass bottom coil tank $10
3.5ml Black Metal Vivi Nova top coil tank $7
Samsung ICR18650-26F 18650 3.7V 2600mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (2-Pack) with carrying case $8

so now for $73 you have a mod, a charger, 2 batteries with protective carrying case, a glass cartotank, a glass bottom coil protank style and a metal vivi nova
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