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Perfumers Apprentice flavors A - M review

Published by Little Girl in the blog The Little Blog That Could. Views: 8239

  • Bacon - This is a very mild flavor. I mixed it all the way up to 45% with VG and still almost couldn't taste it, although what I could taste of it had a smokey ham flavor, which stays with you for a while after vaping it. Interestingly, this flavor cleans the atomizer of other flavors that are lingering. This makes all kinds of vapor.
  • Banana Cream - I mixed this at 15% with VG. It tastes like fresh, sliced bananas just like the ones you'd add to your morning cereal. It has a slight hint of the banana peel in the aftertaste, which is actually quite interesting. It goes well with other flavors (like Graham Cracker or Waffle, for instance), but can easily be overpowered by them, and I'll bet it would be wonderful with some chocolate flavors (which I don't have, so you'll want to try this if you do).
  • Bavarian Cream - I found this to be a deliciously creamy flavor that is a bit on the mild side. I mixed it at 10% and can barely taste it, although what I can taste is absolutely divine. I'll mix up a stronger batch and continue this...
  • Black Tea (sample) - I mixed this one at 10% with VG. It tastes like authentic, fresh black tea with a hint of sweetness to it. I'm not sure if the sweetness is from the VG or from the flavor. Either way, if you like black tea, you'll love this flavor. It also makes clouds of vapor!
  • Brown Sugar Concentrated - This is delicious and smells and tastes just like brown sugar, except not as sweet. It can be used on its own or mixed with other flavors. I'm kind of surprised to be saying this, but I like it as is without needing to mix it with any other flavors. I mixed it at 10% with VG and PG, but I'll bet you could mix it at 5% and still find it delicious.
  • Butter (sample) - This tastes like butter flavor microwave popcorn.
  • Caramel Cappuccino (sample) - An incredibly strong flavor. Keep this only in glass bottles because it's so strong. Mixing it at 5% with VG seems to be just right. It has a creamy caramel flavor with a nutty after-taste. I'm not sure if that's what Cappuccino tastes like, since I've never had it, but this would be a great dessert or first thing in the morning flavor.
  • Cheesecake - (TO BE CONTINUED) This is too weak mixed at 10% with VG for me to taste it. I will mix this stronger and then review it.
  • Cinnamon RedHots - I mixed this at 10% with VG. It tastes just like the cinnamon red hot candies I remember from my childhood. From what I hear of cinnamon flavors elsewhere, they can be hot enough to burn. This one is not like that. This is a friendly cinnamon flavor while still being nice and strong.
  • Coconut Flavor Extra - I mixed this at 20% with VG and got the same flavor as the coconut filling inside of a Mounds bar. If you were to combine this flavor with some chocolate, you'd create the taste of a Mounds bar!
  • Coffee - This tastes like burned coffee - the way the coffee tastes if you leave it on the heat too long and let it get kind of thick. I mixed it at 10% with VG and PG and wasn't fond of that burned taste. I tried adding a bit of Waffle flavor to it since that has sort of a creamy base flavor and I figured that would make coffee and cream. It's actually surprisingly good together, so I think I'll mix up a bottle of the Coffee flavor to have on hand for mixing with other flavors.
  • Cola - This smells just like Pepsi, but tastes a bit like Pepsi with a hint of rootbeer added in. I mixed this at 10% with VG. If you mix it with PG, it has a bit more kick to it. It's got a slight sweetness to it on exhale.
  • Cotton Candy - I mixed this at 15% with VG and it has a very mild spun sugar flavor without being heavily sweet. This does not create the sweet spots on the tongue that the sweetener flavor does, but could be used when subtle sweetening is wanted.
  • Cranberry (sample) - This is a deep, rich, fruity cranberry flavor with a hint of raspberry or strawberry taste to it (I can't quite decide which) that's reminiscent of jam. It's absolutely divine! I mixed it at 10% with VG, and it's perfect, but if you like your flavors strong, this could be mixed at 15% without being overpowering. Don't judge this one by how it smells, because it doesn't smell anything like it tastes. I didn't think I'd like it when I originally sniffed it, but I'm very glad I tried it. It's phenomenal. A signature flavor.
  • DK RY4 (sample) (Apparently this is now known as DK Tobacco Base) - This tastes like a combination of corn chips, sweet tobacco, and a hint of nuttiness, with the lasting after-taste being the sweet tobacco. I mixed this at 10%, and it could probably easily be mixed at 5% and still provide ample flavor.
  • English Toffee - I mixed this one all the way up to 20% with VG to try to taste it, and all I can get is a slight hint of caramel and a nuttiness, but it's very mild. Either my taste buds are off or something happened to this flavor during shipping (it might have gotten hot in the truck during its trip across the country). I'll come back to this flavor later to give my taste buds a break in case that's it, and if not, then I'll order another bottle in winter and see if it tastes different.
  • French Vanilla - This smells just like French Vanilla coffee creamer. This flavor changes depending on how strong you mix it. I recommend mixing it at no more than 5% with VG or PG. That way you will get a mild vanilla taste reminiscent of vanilla ice cream. If you mix it any stronger, it gets hints of a floral taste to it.
  • Gingerbread - This is incredibly authentic gingerbread flavor. It has the perfect blend of spices combined with a sweetness and cookie flavor that all blend together to convince you they just came out of the oven. You almost end up chewing on your e-cig, it's so real. I mixed this at 10% with VG and PG.
  • Graham Cracker - This is a rich, creamy flavor that tastes like graham crackers with a hint of vanilla and spice - reminiscent of Golden Grahams cereal in a way. It has a slight sweetness to it on the inhale. There's no need to mix it any stronger than 5% with VG for full flavor, although it packs a nice punch at 10%. This is a great accompaniment to a cup of coffee or tea. I have to say this is my favorite flavor. :D Absolutely delicious! Oh, and it makes clouds of vapor! I can't praise this flavor highly enough. It's just amazing. This could be a figurehead flavor, if there is such a thing.
  • Green Apple - This tastes just like the Jolly Rancher apple candies minus the tartness they had. It could probably do with some sweetening, but is good as is. This one wants to be mixed at 10%.
  • Green Tea - (TO BE CONTINUED) I haven't tried this yet.
  • Maple Syrup - This tastes just like maple syrup, but is pretty mild. You'll want to mix this at 15 - 20% or more with VG. It makes clouds of vapor!
  • Marshmallow - I mixed this at 10% with VG and it was too weak to even be tasted. I then mixed it at 15% and it has a gentle, creamy sweetness with almost a hint of vanilla. The taste is more similar to a marshmallow that's been melted than a fresh one, but that's terrific when you want to use it to make Smores! I can also imagine this would go well with any kind of cocoa or chocolate flavor (I don't have any to try it with).
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