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Published by leannebug in the blog leannebug's blog. Views: 377

In regard to all the hype and all the bad press about the latest and greatest (and not so greatest) cartomizers.

For the past six months I've watched, what appears to be, an ongoing soap opera. The same bad product- put out for our use, again and again.... but what I don't understand- is WHY we continue to allow this company to treat us as guinea pigs.

First- we are subjected to some kind of super glue, and broken parts, then disinfectant, (or whatever that was), and parts we have to fiddle with and disassemble, mod, and pull apart, reconfigure, not to mention change our juice content, wait for re-wicking, (or give up altogether), and now possibly lead too?!? Forget that each revision, each change may be mixed in with the old- to pawn off bad stock, AND the price is hiked up! Yet what do we do? We continue to buy the next pack in the hopes that all the hype and the announcements, the anticipation and the fervor is true.

What kind of company continually puts out bad products and better yet; what kind of consumer continues to buy said products??

I am not pointing any fingers, because I am just as guilty. I spent the evening trying to get the latest "new-named" product to work, with the same results. That is, until the top popped off and spilled the entire contents down my outfit. I've tried the Version3's and the Version4's the regulars and the XL's, the clear ones and the newly named ones, the homemade mod and the vendor mod.. I'm right there in the same boat.. But honestly, I'm wondering why we haven't jumped ship?

just my rambling thoughts..
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