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Rave's Alaskan Adventure

Published by rave in the blog rave's blog. Views: 352

This has absolutely nothing to do with vaping, but some have expressed an interest in reading about some of my adventures. I have my stories liberally punctuated by photos that show what the heck I'm talking about. I don't think it would lend itself to the typical blog format. So - I'll attempt to do this with links to SkyDrive. It opens up Microsoft Word even if it isn't installed on your computer so that you can see the whole adventure as it was put together.

I'm sure the Moderators will let me know if this isn't acceptable. Feel free to delete it if I'm breaking any rules. And if so, my apologies.

I've broken this down into three segments:

I fixed the links to include authorization codes!

Raven's Alaskan Adventure!137&authkey=!AK4ObnD_QymZoeU!138&authkey=!ABpnF4L6KzkoJBc!139&authkey=!ACmKwhwdsOzg7Ao

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