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Redneck hater says welcome to da hood!!!

Published by JAY73 in the blog JAY73's blog. Views: 355

well me and my lovely wife just moved into a new to us house and on the first day i am out in my backyard walking my dog and enjoying my pv( i have an epower) this guy keeps giveing me theses looks and i say can i help you, so he says " so you think you can hide back here and smoke your s**t?" so me being me i thought OH BOY anothere chance to enlighten somebody so i try to tell my story and tell him how i quit smoking and he says get this "so you are either a liar or your a stupid piece of s**t" now at this point he is starting to rub me the wrong way and i asked what he meant by that so he tells me "everybody around us is sick and tired of smoking my s**t around their kids you .......***g retard" well that was it i told him ( do not ever say this to a redneck idiot it seems to be a call to arms) hey you need a valuim dude (oh boy i really should learn to keep my big mouth shut sometimes) so he says i am the only dopehead in this hood (i have long hair and a beard) and then in his own redneck way invites me to jump the fence so he can give me some redneck love. well i say i am sorry for what i said about the valuim but that he should seek help for his rage issues and i go back in the house. well you would think it was over but NOOO soon there after i get a knock on my door and who do you think it was... the police with the before mentioned redneck in tow asking me what kind of dope i was smoking in my backyard. so i smile my charming little smile and tell the officer i will be right back meanwhile i go back in the house and get my pv and juice ect,ect.. well when i go back outside there are now five cops in my yard so i show them and explain my self so to make long story short he got in trouble for calling them and i got one more converg under my belt...
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