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Review: MagnaVape Pro Killer - The FIRST American made clearomizer

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Well I decided to be the first to give this one a whirl. The thought of a quality American made clearomizer was very appealing to me. It just arrived in the mail today so I will give my first impressions of the new MagnaVape Pro Killer.

Suggested MSRP is $24.95 but some retailers will be in the $19.99 range

MagnaVape Pro Killer information page

First packaging was very simple. A small plastic zip bag. No fancy box. No biggie. Anything that can keep the cost down. In the bag you get the clearomizer and one extra head. It has already been found that there are some issues with their in-house heads so on top on that one they also include a Kanger Universal head. The one that you can use in the PT, PT Mini, EVOD and others. They are currently working on a revision of their head. There is also no included drip tip. Another cost cutting measure I am sure. But many people use their own so it won't bother most that one is not included.

Here is a picture of the Pro Killer fully assembled


Here is a picture of all parts disassembled. The base and top are sealed with o-rings. You can really crank down when assembling. No worries with breaking anything. In fact when you screwon the base it takes a little effort because it seals so well. No slop at all. This thing is built solid and feels like it could take a beating. Also you will notice there are two heads pictured. The top one is the MagnaVape in-house head and the bottom is a Kanger Universal.


This is the bottom of the base. Two circles are milled into to base and two small channels branch out to the edges of the base to two small holes for airflow.



Here is a picture of the glass tank next to a Kanger ProTank II tank. You can really tell the difference. The glass for the Pro Killer is very thick. Edges are smooth and straight allowing for a perfect seal.


Size comparison next to the Kanger ProTank II which has a 2.5ml capacity


Size comparison next to the Kumiho i-Tank which has a 2.8ml capacity


Ok now for my impressions:

The MagnaVape Pro Killer is rated for approximately 5ml of liquid. This is a little exaggerated. I filled a syringe with 5ml of liquid and I filled as far as I could and there was almost 1ml of liquid left in the syringe. So I would say 4ml would be a more conservative capacity rating.

Here is the fill area. Very easy for any type of bottle.


Flavor and vapor on the Pro Killer are very good. So far I have experienced no gurgling or leaking. The draw is a tad bit airy for my liking but not too much that makes it an unenjoyable vaping experience. I think with a good coil build with some cotton and the flavor and vapor would be even better.


Could the MagnaVape Pro Killer really be considered a ProTank killer??? Depends on how you look at it. It is pretty much the same design. But in my opinion much improved. It is built really solid and feels very sturdy and durable. It assembles very snug so no chance of leaking. It has almost double the capacity of the PTII without sacrificing flavor and vapor. I have always noticed that on tanks over 3ml that flavor is muted and vapor is cooler. That is not the case here. And finally the biggest advantage. This is an American product. Designed and built right here in the USA. That means jobs for our citizens. That also means if you have a problem you have an actual company that you can reach out to.

It is a little more expensive than a Kanger product. But I have no issues at all spending a little more for a quality product that works. Especially if it is made in America. If MagnaVape continues to put out quality and innovative products, they could easily become the IBTanked of the clearomizer world.
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