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Sad Day 2 B

Published by VAPOINSANO in the blog Mum'blins+Grum'blins. Views: 425

Sad day for vapors in canada+world wide in general,

with HC+ Bill C-36 " above the law bill",the only thing left for them to do is put a mandatory microchip in you!

hopefully the government can get there act together +do the right thing?
be prepared to be disappointed,bitter+angry sheeple!
cos they wont:( 1 will !

its always about your $$ making you more powerless.
sheeesh, cigarettes vs ecigs who thunk-it?

what's wrong w/this picture?
does any1 know or care?
obviously not...

only when it happens to you , then it will be to late!

my nickel ,
cos ,thats all i got+what will 2cts get'cha anywayz..?.:facepalm:
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