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Silica atty comparison and review

Published by shoogdadi in the blog shoogdadi's blog. Views: 357

Alright, well I'm probably in the best position to help in this silica atty comparison review, as I have at least one of each of the kits you guys are asking about. The comparisons and descriptions below are strictly between the silica style atties in this review.

***FYI: I am partial to both gennies and silica depending on the juice I'm vaping, and where I am gonna be vaping. I will attempt to be as objective as I feel appropriate. Never the less, these are my opinions, experiences, and :2c:, so nothing written below is gospel. As we all know, vaping is extremely subjective.***

Killer 705 Expensive. Very good VTF. Ease of use greatly improves with a proper tank (this is imperative with this atty), or it can be used as a dripper. The juice flow controller can be annoying at first, but is very useful for anti-leaking with thinner juices and on the go. If your tank has very tight o-rings, adjusting the juice flow controller can be a real PITA. Rebuild is relatively easy with the standard ceramic cup. The only gripe I have with these is that the center pin doesn't stay solid state unless the juice flow controller is completely closed.

Diver Mid-level price range. VTF is good. Extremely versatile little bugger (see the Atmistique Grail/ Scuba Tank). Great slim carto design to resurrect nearly any 35mm carto tank. I've noticed recently however that, without the filler of a carto, thinner juices can leak like a sieve in these. Rebuild is relatively easy with the standard ceramic cup. The flanged base is a drawback for some, but this isn't my primary atty so a non-flush fit does really bother me.

eBaron Pro Expensive. VTF is outstanding for a silica RDA. Excellent craftsmanship and matches the Provari very well, and the Spiral looks great on Abs' pipe with a stem. Decent juice capacity, with little to no leaking. There is only one flaw that really could have easily been avoided in the design, and that is how the center pin assembly isn't completely solid. It's been mentioned here before, but I've actually removed the entire assembly before while trying to pry a pushed pin back out *reinstallation was not fun*. Rebuild is the same as the two above.

Dragon Tamer/Anunnaki Sun Expensive. Extremely easy dripper to rebuild, and no ceramic cup needed. The only completely brass atty on the market as far as I know, and it looks absolutely stunning. Almost completely leak proof unless WAY OVER dripped. The non-510 drip tip hole is the only real gripe I have about this atty, but it's always on a pipe so the EPM custom stem was a great forethought.

Penelope Top of the Line Expensive. VTF is great. Gorgeous tank atty on any pipe. Lots of juice capacity in a very slim design. The juice flow controller makes it great for on the go, or just lounging at home. The 1st, 2nd, and sometimes 3rd rebuild is extremely intimidating, but this is by far my favorite and best silica setup I own.

I'll do this again for my Genesis atties once my Nahual and Hydra V2 get here. I can say for now that once my Hellfire Mega got here, I haven't used much else since and it's always with me.

VTF- Vapor, Throat Hit, and Flavor
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