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Sorry charlie

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I spent quite a bit of time yesterday, just trolling the forum. Had to rest, so I needed to keep my mind occupied.

After a while I couldn't find any more of my 'subscribed threads' to read; my computer mouse was acting screwy, so answering questions was driving me a little batty; and so I peeked around the Supplier forums. I found several people I chat with, that was nice :) and made a couple comments here and there.

A bit later I found the ugly posts. You know the ones... someone complains, someone gets mad, someone else chimes in, and it snowballs. I usually try and stay away from that stuff. The dark side of our human nature upsets me.. gets my girdle up, and some times, I do stick my big mouth where it doesn't belong...

Last night I refrained. But since I was bored, I read them (without saying anything! I was good!) and I certainly was tempted. I, unbeknowingly, found myself reading a thread that referred offhandly to me! I, and others, were being described (in some not so nice terms) by the author and I was floored. The thing that shocked me the MOST, was this was a supplier. They didn't know me, didn't ever have any contact or conversation with me personally (which really doesn't matter anyway, the web is so impersonal and annonymous) but they just assumed things about me and the other forum members from reading a few very small posts in one short (non confortational thread) that they read.

The most disturbing part, was not that they MADE assumptions, or accusations, but it was the way that it was done, on their forum, to their customers, and rudely at that.

I really don't know what they possibly could have been thinking. I thought about that for a while. Someone pointed out the error of their ways, and I remembered I had seen this same supplier do something (not quite the same, but along those lines) not but a week or two ago. It's quite off-putting, to be honest. I decided right then, I do not want to ever order from these people, because I'm not sure I like the way they do business. Don't they know it's unprofessional? Do they care? I guessed that they didn't. Not if they commented so openly like that about people that were (or were protensionally) their customers. How would I be treated AS a customer? That really concerned me.

So I made a new folder in my favorites. I titled it "don't buy" and saved the thread link inside the folder. Then I went and found the other thread, saved that one too! I thought, with all these vendors, why would I waste my time on someone that is intentionally spouting things in bits of anger, and turning away both new and current customers?
I don't need that, not in my life, nope.
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Sorry Charlie
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