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Taste, taste, taste

Published by Tankgirl in the blog Tankgirl's blog. Views: 338

Well, my recent breakthrough in tasting seemed to have been a complete fluke. I swished the vapor around and around, but it seems that that one single taste bud I had so happily found freaked out and died.
Today though I had only 2 cigarettes and was actually pretty oblivious to that fact, which is great and means that I am finally trusting the pv to be enough, without a lot of agonizing about it.
Anyway, I was just cleaning the house and vaping away and this time the very tip of my tongue was activated. Instead of PV's LemonCreme Puff I was doing a strawberry shortcake so the flavor wasn't as intense, but once again I was amazed at just how great this can taste. I do extra everything and even with that I haven't tasted anything, so this itty-bitty blip of flavor was great anyway.
I realize there is a correlation between not smoking and tasting the vapor, but as I've mentioned before, I still sort of doubted that my tongue would regenerate new taste buds. Have since found out that indeed it does, but that nicotine itself can also have an effect on the part of the brain that regulates taste. Also that there is no such thing as a "taste map", but the the five tastes (salty, bitter, sweet, sour, and savory) are actually scattered all over the tongue, with some small clusters occurring, but basically not.
I'm back to hopeful and feel like my higher power is leading me by the hand like a little kid who has to have a little light in order to keep moving forward in the dark.
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